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Keeping Science and the Planet Super Chill
The Fortnightly Scientist is an international collaboration of young individuals aiming to make STEM and the Earth cool again.

Teens Talk Tech

Let's talk about Tech, baby.

Technology might not be the past but it makes up most of the present and all of the future. It may come as a surprise to you but the teenagers of today also make up all of the future. We decided to bring the two together in our podcast where we simplify the technology of today in order to innovate and build the complex machinery of tomorrow. 


Future Forecast

We don't believe in horoscopes but we do believe in changing your future.


We know that education is sometimes (read: at most times) confusing. Paired with life as a young adult, school can become a hard place to navigate. This is what we are here for. With our featured guests and two hosts, we will help you look into what you want your future to be.

BS with Me

We made this podcast for Jared, 19 because he never learned how to read.


B.S with Me, an intellectual features the ramblings of a sleep-deprived, pun making intellectual who attempts to remain scientific.
Join her for memes and self-deprecating humour as she tries to get Elon Musk to validate her stupidity. Join her in her quest.  


When Beyonce said "Listen", she was talking about listening to us.

Chill Out

We understand that sometimes it's hard to relax when you're trying to be productive. Chill out with us as we try to chill out the planet.
All Hail Greta Thunberg.

Come Back

We have new episodes every week. So, come back every week because we've got the stuff ready for you all the time.

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